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Federal law provides that state or local communities may require a license or negotiate a non-exclusive cable franchise with cable TV operators wishing to market their services locally. As part of the provisions of such a license or franchise agreement, cities and towns may require the cable operator to provide what the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1997 calls "public, educational, or government (PEG) access" channels on the local channel lineup, for the unrestricted use by citizens, school districts and municipalities. In most states, existing agreements also require that certain equipment and funding be given to the towns. The funding, called a “Capital Grant”, may only be used for television equipment purchases or leasehold improvements to a building that is used for PEG Access. The laws provide and court cases have upheld that such channels provide equal access to all potential users, and that they are public electronic forums for free expression.


What does MBTV’s “access center” do?  

MBTV has a fully-equipped TV studio, and provides instruction in camera operating procedures.  Our knowledgeable staff is here to train you to film, produce and air shows for the benefit and enjoyment of our viewers.

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