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Nonprofit memberships through MBTV allows the community to know what services are available to them and who to contact.  By partnering with MBTV we can offer your organization a cost effective method of getting your name out to the community. This helps MBTV to continue to offer top quality programming on a 24/7 basis.

Promotional videos can be tailored for many types of organizations.  They can be seen on our channel, our website and also linked to your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can even add your video to your website, making this a very affordable way of promoting your organization.   
Nonprofit organizations can become partners with MBTV and enjoy great media benefits. Our annual membership rates are extremely reasonable: 

$500 for budgets under $100,000
$750 for budgets between $100,000 and $350,000
$1200 for budgets over $350,000.

Here are the amazing benefits of an MBTV membership for nonprofit 

  1. Organizational Profile Video
    We will produce a profile of your organization up to 3 minutes in length, within the following parameters:  1) we will shoot out in the field for up to 4 hours 
    cumulatively, 2) we will interview 2-4 people you choose to accurately, 
    effectively and comprehensively describe the organization, 3)  we will edit the video from the footage collected and make it available to you through Vimeo.
  2. Public Service Announcement (PSA)
    Upon request, MBTV will edit a PSA about the organization from the footage collected from the organizational profile. The PSA will be a commercial about the organization approximately 30-60 seconds in length and will be aired at random between programs on Channel 11 for as long as the organization is a member.
  3. Member Highlights
    During your membership, MBTV will produce a non-profit showcase program giving your organization one opportunity for a short interview in our studio
    or a short news story filmed in the field at your organization.
    These highlights are generally 15 minutes in length and will be aired on MBTV as well as uploaded to Vimeo for your organization’s use.
  4. Speakers and Presentations
    As we are available, we will film our nonprofit members’ events when there is a speaker or series of single speakers. These are also aired on Channel 11 and uploaded to Vimeo. 
  5. Discount of Other Production Services
    All of the previosly mentioned production services are member benefits 
    provided at no extra charge. However, if a nonprofit member requires 
    additional production services, they will receive a 15% discount off our 
    already affordable rates.
  6. Member Page
    Each member will have a page on our website with the member’s logo and mission statement plus all the videos MBTV has produced for the organization, including the profile, PSAs, any interviews or field-taped news stories, coverage of speakers and presentations and any purchased video 
    productions services.
  7. Videos Available for Members' Websites
    Member videos are first uploaded to Vimeo then members can embed their videos to their own website and/or link to Facebook and other forms of social media. 

To join MBTV as a nonprofit organization click here to download application.

*All memberships are non-voting.

“Mt. Blue TV is a great asset for our business here at Northern Lights.  Our ads are posted in the business section which run frequently and during highly visible times.  We had the film crew from MBTV come for a pellet stove seminar put on by Harman Stoves; they produced a professionally done and highly informative segment which is a benefit to both our customers and the general public. Thank-you Mt Blue TV for your great service.”

Marty Farnum
Northern Lights
Farmington, ME

Together we can both serve and promote our community!

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